[Workout Wednesday] Upper Body Strength Workout for Arms, Shoulders & Chest

Build upper body strength and create shapely arms and shoulders with this full-length at-home upper body strength workout.

This full-length upper body strength workout strengthens and tones your arms, shoulders, chest, and upper back muscles – right in your own home – no gym membership required!

You will need a set of dumbells for this workout, but no other equipment is needed. If you are a beginner, choose light weights, or use water bottles for less of a challenge.

The handy calorie counter shows approximately how many calories you will burn during this workout, and the reps are done in descending order, but with increased weight to create an extra challenge as you go.

This is a complete workout, including a warm-up and a cool down and stretch session.

Follow along with the video here, and get strong!



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