[Workout Wednesday] The Scientific 7-Minute Lower Body Workout

Science says this 7-minute lower body workout works as well as pricey weight machines – using just your own body weight…

Is it really possible get a full lower body workout, tone your hips and butt, and get great legs in just 7 minutes per day? According to this science-based workout, it is – and it won’t take any weight machines, expensive home exercise equipment, or hours at the gym. All you need is your own body and a sturdy chair to make this quick workout work for you.

You will perform each exercise in the order shown in the graphic below (see Greatist.com for full instructions for each exercise), for 30 seconds each, at maximum intensity while keeping proper form. (Be sure to squeeze those butt muscles so your quads don’t do all the work!) Rest for 5 seconds between each exercise. If you want even faster results, repeat the circuit 2-3 times.

7-minute scientific lower body workout

Image Source: Greatist.com.



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