[Workout Wednesday] Summer Body Yoga Outdoor Workout

Looking for a fun and effective outdoor workout? Try this invigorating summer body yoga flow class!

A few days ago, we mentioned several ways that you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather while getting fit, but if you’re looking for another great outdoor workout idea, you can’t beat yoga! Yoga’s introspective nature makes it perfect for a peaceful outdoor setting, where you can tune in to your body while immersing yourself in the sounds and scents of nature. It also generally requires no equipment, so you can pick a nice, grassy spot in the park, or roll out your mat on the beach or wherever else you find yourself, and enjoy a relaxing and energizing yoga session.

This week’s workout is a great example. This power yoga flow class provides a quick and effective way to boost your metabolism, stimulate fat loss, and tone your entire body from head to toe. You can do this one all by itself if you’re short on time during the busy summer months, or combine it with other classes or as a follow-up to another workout for a longer session.

Check it out below, and if you want more, try the suggested workout sequence at this link.



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