[Workout Wednesday] Mat Pilates Butt & Thigh Activation Workout

Challenge your lower body and activate your powerful butt & thigh muscles with this full-length mat Pilates workout…

This low-impact bodyweight class will strengthen and tone the butt and thighs with a sequence of mat Pilates exercises that can be done anywhere – no equipment required! You will be doing ascending repetitions of Pilates-inspired moves to activate the large muscles in your lower body. You will also build strength and stability in the hip and knee joints.

This workout provides a different challenge to the lower body than more high-impact workouts. You will learn how to engage and activate these muscle groups individually to gain more out of every workout. Be sure to focus on proper form and muscle engagement as you move with control through each movement.

This mat Pilates butt and thigh workout is customizable to your own fitness level and desired results; feel free to add resistance bands, ankle weights, and/or dumbells if you want more advanced strength training.

The workout starts with a warmup, moving into 5 reps of each exercise, then a round of 8, followed by a final set of 12 repetitions. Then you’ll workout finish off with a cool down and stretch session, so you’ll get a full workout in under an hour.

Grab an exercise mat and some weights or a resistance band if you want one, and let’s work out!



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