Workout Wednesday: Leg-Toning Stability Ball Workout

Get great legs with this leg-toning stability ball workout! All you need to work out is a ball and a wall…

Stability balls (also sometimes known as exercise balls or balance balls) are a great piece of exercise equipment. They are lightweight and versatile, and because they challenge your stability, they help improve balance and core strength during almost every exercise – even when you’re not focusing on your core. Many people therefore think of stability balls as mainly used for core workouts, but in fact, you can use a stability ball to strengthen and tone just about every part of your body.

This workout focuses on the legs. If you’ve never thought of using a stability ball for a leg workout, you’ve been missing out!

This workout consists of 11 exercises, and you will start out lying down, which will provide support while you get used to using the stability ball. The beginning of the exercise series will work your hamstrings, inner thighs, and quadriceps, and the challenge increases progressively as you move on to standing exercises, single-leg exercises, and planks.

If you want greater resistance, you can use a free weight for moves #6 and #7. Otherwise, the workout requires no equipment other than the stability ball and a wall (exercise mat optional).

Here is the full workout, but for instructions on each exercise, visit

Stability ball leg workout




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