[Workout Wednesday] 25-Minute Intense Pyramid HIIT Workout

Get ready to burn – burn fat and feel the burn with this extra-intense pyramid HIIT workout!

The “pyramid” format of this session makes for a challenging workout, as you will add 10 seconds to each exercise set as you progress, until you reach 50 seconds, then decrease each set by 10 seconds on the way back down. You get a 15-second rest between each set, utilizing the high-intensity interval training format. Each interval consists of one exercise, so you will go through 10 exercises in the whole workout, which consists of 2 pyramids.

This is a complete workout, including a warmup and cool-down session, and you will not need any equipment but your own body.

This workout will challenge your entire body, increase your heart rate, burn calories and fat, and make you sweat – don’t be fooled by the gentle start!


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