[Workout Wednesday] Fun Fat-Burning Home Cardio Workout

Skip the boredom with this effective, fun and repetition-free home cardio workout!

This fast-paced home cardio workout will help you to burn fat, boost your metabolism, tone your butt and thighs, and get a great workout in 30 minutes without ever stepping foot outside your living room!

This is a bodyweight workout, so you can do it anywhere and you won’t need any gym equipment. The workout includes a warm-up segment to get your body ready for the full workout, but you will need to make sure to cool down and stretch on your own after the workout.  Low-impact modifications of each exercise are provided for beginners or those with joint issues.

This is a great workout for those who don’t have time to get to the gym, and if you get bored easily with repetitive workouts, this one will keep you on your toes with unique and varied exercises – no repetition here!

Grab some water and let’s get started!


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