[Workout Wednesday] Full-Body At Home HIIT Workout

Experience complete full-body fitness in just 37 minutes with this intense home HIIT workout!

Ready for a powerful and effective home workout that you can do anywhere without any expensive equipment? Check out this full-body home HIIT workout for fast results in just a few minutes!

This high-intensity interval training class is only 37 minutes long, but you’ll feel like you worked out for twice as long. This routine is designed to challenge both your muscles and your cardiovascular system, so it will really make you sweat and burn off those calories! (It’s called “high-intensity” for a reason.) However, this sequence is customizable to your own fitness level, so please do follow the low-impact modifications provided if you feel you need to.

While some people think in terms of “no pain, no gain,” if you’re pushing yourself so hard you feel sick or dizzy afterwards, you’re working too hard. This workout should be challenging, but you should feel great afterwards – not like you want to puke! Please listen to your body and modify as needed to challenge yourself without causing harm.

You’ll work your core, upper body, and lower body with this full-body HIIT workout – no equipment required! This is a complete workout that includes warm-up and cool-down sessions, so you’ll have your whole workout done in under 40 minutes. Grab some water, press Play below, and get ready to sweat!



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