[Workout Wednesday] 9-Minute Booty Toning Workout

Get ready to firm and tone your behind with this super-quick and effective booty toning workout…

Are you ready for swimsuit season? Well, okay, maybe you are – but is your body? Stay tuned all month long for our Summer Swimsuit Series with a new workout every Wednesday! We’ll be alternating between full-body and cardio workouts, and toning specific “problem” areas that may need a bit of extra work. This week’s focus is….

The booty!!!

That’s right – get ready to tone and sculpt that lovely derriere, so it will look just right in your favorite bikini on the beach this summer! This quick booty toning workout will shape up your behind in a jiffy. This short bodyweight workout can be done anywhere – all you need is an exercise mat – no equipment required.

So grab a mat, and let’s tone that booty!


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