[Workout Wednesday] 7-Minute Pre-Thanksgiving Holistic Workout

This 7-minute holistic workout will challenge your whole body, your cardiovascular system, and even your brain!

Thanksgiving is here, and as busy as you are, it’s still important to get a good workout in – especially with all that rich food you’ll be eating over the holiday weekend! This 7-minute holistic workout is easy to fit into your busy pre-Thanksgiving schedule, and it will definitely work your entire body from head to toe. You’ll only have to learn a few moves, but they are complex enough to help build new neural pathways in your brain, proving that even your brain can get stronger with exercise. 🙂

Even better, you won’t need any equipment at all (other than your body and your brain) for this workout, so you can do it wherever you are, even if you’re traveling for the holiday. You may wish to have an exercise mat handy, but if you don’t have one, a folded blanket will work just fine as well.

Get ready to get down (and up), get sweaty, and get strong – and enjoy your holiday, guilt-free because you already burned off some of those calories ahead of time! 🙂



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