[Workout Wednesday] 6 Fun Outdoor Fall Workouts

The cool breezes, fresh air, and low humidity of autumn make it the perfect time of year for getting outside and enjoying the beautiful foliage. Rather than working out indoors, why not take some time out and get some exercise doing fun outdoor activities instead?

Instead of a workout video this week (because really, who wants to be trapped inside in front of the computer on a beautiful fall day?), we’ve got a list of 6 fun outdoor workouts for you. Pick any (or a couple) of these, and do them a couple of times this week. You’ll get some great exercise, and have the opportunity to enjoy the lovely fall weather while it lasts!

While you can always walk, jog, or go for a hike through the beautiful fall colors, here are a few more interesting ideas for getting some great exercise outdoors:

1. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

If you live somewhere where the weather stays warm even during the fall, and you have a nearby body of water readily available, stand-up paddleboarding is a great exercise to try. With paddleboarding, you are standing on top of the board in the water and using balance while using a paddle to move the board. Paddleboarding is tons of fun and very challenging. It helps to tone your entire body from head to toe, but especially the core area, arms, shoulders, and upper back.

2. Hill Sprints

There are a lot of walking and sprinting exercises you can do outdoors, but hill sprints take it to the next level, combining the incline of a hill with the fast speed and strength required for sprinting. The hill spring is also a type of HIIT workout, which stands for high-intensity interval training. There is no special equipment or technique required, and all you need is a hill (and some good running shoes). Just run as fast as you can up the hill for a short distance, stop, go back down the hill, and repeat until you are tired.

3. Exercise Scavenger Hunt

This is a unique and fun outdoor exercise that people of all ages can do, and it’s great for groups, so you can involve family and friends in the fun! Instead of a regular scavenger hunt, you will jog or run to find the various items on your list. You can also set a rule that participants must certain exercises when they find each item, such as doing a certain number of burpees or crunches or jumping jacks, etc.

4. Park or Playground Workout

You can also head to the local park or playground and make use of the extra space and playground equipment for your workout. Turn this into a circuit training session, such as doing some burpees, trying pull-ups on the bar, and attempting to run up the slide if it is strong enough to support your weight and no kids are waiting to slide down! Mountain climbers, sprints, and jumping rope are some other things you can include in the park circuit training session.

5. Outdoor Crossfit

Crossfit exercises are usually simple but challenging calisthenic exercises, so they are easy to do outdoors or anywhere else. Try them at the park, on the beach, or anywhere else that you like. These are also great to do at pit stops on a road trip, to get your blood moving and stretch your muscles after all that sitting! Here are a few great exercises to try:

* Crunches
* Squats
* Burpees
* Pullups
* Pushups
* Lunges

6. Rowing

Rowing is great exercise if you live somewhere with a river or lake and have access to a rowboat and paddles. Rowing is a great way to get a toned, strong upper body. And you are bound to see lots of beautiful fall foliage when you’re out on the water this time of year!

No matter what form of exercise you choose, doing it outdoors is a great way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, and get fit at the same time.



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