[Workout Wednesday] 5-Minute Summer Body Workout – Set 2

All you need is a set of dumbbells or hand weights and 5 minutes for this super-fast toning workout!

We know summer is such a busy time for most people, so this month, we’re focusing on super-fast workouts that you can do in just a few minutes at a time! Today’s workout is a follow up to last week’s 5-minute set.

In Set 2, you’ll learn five more 60-second exercises to tone the entire body in just 5 minutes. Do this set a couple of times per day for best results. These exercises also work great as a quick workout break during a busy day at work – just stash a couple of hand weights under your desk, and do these moves for 5 minutes when you need a break from sitting!

Just click “Play” below and get your workout done!


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