[Workout Wednesday] 5-Minute Holiday Survival Workout

Relieve stress & stay in shape during the busiest days of the holiday season with this super-quick & intense 5-minute workout!

Holidays got you feeling stressed, frazzled, or out-of-sorts? Blow off some steam (and burn off some calories) with this intense, fast-paced stress-relieving workout! This hard-hitting 5-minute class will get your body moving, get your blood pumping, help you shake off stress, tension, and related bodily aches and pains, and keep you in shape for the new year.

With just 5 exercises, done for 60-seconds each, you can fit this quick workout into your schedule no matter how busy you are!

Research has shown that exercise is just as effective in short bursts as it is when done for a longer period of time, so do this one a couple of times per day whenever you have a few minutes, and you’ll improve your fitness levels even while enjoying all of your fun holiday activities!


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