[Workout Wednesday] 45-Minute Lower Body Strength Training Workout

Get strong and toned legs, glutes, and more with this intense lower-body strength training workout…

Keeping the large muscles of your lower body strong and toned not only helps to keep you fit and active as you age, but it can also have a positive effect on your metabolism. This 45-minute class will help to build strength throughout the lower body, burn calories, and shape up your legs and backside.

You’ll start off with a short cardio warmup, then move into the strength training exercises, which are done in sets of 4 minutes per exercise group, with 4 groups of exercises.

Then, you’ll ramp up with a stretch of burnout strength moves in no-repeat intervals, which you can also do in HIIT cardio format if you prefer. Weights are recommended but not required – you can also do this workout as a bodyweight-only routine.

Finish up with a 5-minute cooldown and stretch sequence, and your full workout will be done in just 45 minutes.

Click play below to shape, tone, and strengthen your entire lower body at home in under an hour!

Note: This workout is part of a challenge series. You can check out the other workouts in this 5-day challenge here: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/fitness-blender-5-day-challenge-day-1-lower-body-strength-training-intense-supersets-with-bored



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