[Workout Wednesday] 45-Minute Full-Body Pilates Workout

Tone up your core, legs, upper body, and more with this 45-minute full-body Pilates class!

This 45-minute class focuses on stretching and strengthening your entire body from head-to-toe through a series of Pilates-inspired toning exercises. You’ll build strength and definition, boost your metabolism, and burn fat as you energize your body and mind.

Pilates has a unique focus on the core muscles, so while this class may seem challenging at first, your core will get stronger over time and the abdominal exercises will get easier if you keep doing it!

Be sure to pay attention to your breath, and modify the exercises as needed to challenge your muscles without pushing yourself beyond your comfort level.

Are you ready? Grab your mat, put on some clothes you can move in, and press Play below to get started!



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