[Workout Wednesday] 40-Minute Total Body Strength Workout

Strengthen and tone your entire body with this complete 40-minute strength workout…

Work your muscles from head-to-toe with this full-body strength training workout. This an efficient strength routine that challenges core strength and balance, and keeps your heart rate elevated with combination strength moves that keep both your mind and your body engaged!

You will need to have both medium and heavy weights available for this routine. Your focus should be on improving your form and executing each movement correctly, while maintaining or increasing weight for each round.

Suggested weight selections:
Front Squat + Overhead Press = Medium
Deadlift + Low Row = Heavy
Reverse Lunge + Biceps Curl = Medium
Sumo Squat + Single-Arm High Pulls = 1 Heavy

See this page for more information and a list of the exercises included.

This is a complete workout which includes a short warm-up and cool-down, so you can get your entire workout done in 40 minutes. So go get your weights, grab some water if you need it, and press Play below to begin!


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