[Workout Wednesday] The 4 Best Bodyweight Exercises In 4 Minutes

Got a busy schedule? Try this super-quick & intense 4-minute workout, featuring the 4 best bodyweight exercises for fast results!

If you don’t have a lot of extra time to spend at the gym (and who does these days?), you may be trying to fit regular workouts in at home. But even this can get challenging at times, with interruptions and responsibilities nagging at you during your workout.

The solution?

Super-quick but effective workouts that you can fit into your busy schedule even on the days when you are on the go non-stop!

According to the fitness experts at Early To Rise, these are the 5 components you should look for in a good bodyweight exercise (or really any type of exercise ideally):

  1. They can be done anywhere. Accessibility is a key component to these movements – each of them requires only bodyweight with the exception of pull ups which is easily solved by working out at a gym, installing a pull up bar at home, or jogging to your local park to hop on the monkey bars…
  2. They offer a compound exercise. Each of these movements require engagement of multiple muscle groups, including the core, creating more effective training while triggering the release of growth hormone that stimulates muscle tissue growth and supports the fat burning process.
  3. Their intensity can be easily adapted. Numerous progressions and regressions make it easy to customize training intensity to align with your individual fitness level.  Proper form execution allows for effective training that builds strength and stamina while reducing risk of injuries.
  4. Variations of these exercises are plentiful. Variety equals results. The more you can switch things up the more your body is challenged to perform. You (and your body) avoid boredom and the dreaded training plateau by incorporating alternate versions of each exercise into your programming.
  5. Each exercise sculpts muscles and melts fat. All of these exercises require balance, coordination, power and control. Their intensity increases heart rate, boosts metabolism, and provides the perfect platform for burning fat while building muscle.

This 4-minute workout from Turbulence Training fits the bill, including just 4 exercises that are widely recognized as the most effective bodyweight exercises that you can do just about anywhere.

It only takes 4 minutes of your day, but trust me, you WILL feel like you worked out!

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