[Workout Wednesday] 35-Minute Cardio Dance & Barre Workout

Burn calories and build long, lean muscles with this fast and fun cardio dance and barre workout!

Who says exercise has to be hard or boring? This fast and fun 35-minute dance and sculpt class will boost your heart rate, tone your entire body, and give your metabolism a jump start! Have fun while burning tons of calories with this cardio dance and barre class designed to help you burn fat and sculpt long, lean muscles from head to toe.

You’ll start off with a quick full-body warm-up to get your body loosened up and ready to move, as you learn some basic dance moves. Then get your cardio on, before taking it down to the floor to get toned and feel the burn!  You will finish off with a cooling stretch session to prevent soreness and stretch out your muscles.

Just grab some water and press play below to get started!



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