[Workout Wednesday] 30-Minute Pilates Strength Combo Workout

Strengthen & tone your body from head-to-toe with this 30-minute Pilates strength workout…

Get strong and lean with this 30-minute Pilates strength workout – perfect for balancing your muscles on your days off from your regular fitness routine!

This class begins with a plank-based warmup to get your muscles warmed up and your blood flowing. Then, you’ll move through a series of Pilates-inspired moves designed to strengthen and tone your entire body from head to toe. You’ll finish up with some gentle stretches to lengthen your muscles and prevent soreness. Yes, that’s an entire workout – DONE – in just 30 minutes!

You won’t need any equipment for this workout except for a set of light dumbbells, but you can also do this one as a bodyweight-only class as well if you don’t have or prefer not to use weights.

Press play below whenever you’re ready to get strong!



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