[Workout Wednesday] 30-Minute Low-Impact Cardio Workout

This low-impact cardio workout is great for people with joint issues – or those who live in a dorm or apartment.

We all know that cardiovascular exercise is important for good health, but what if you have joint problems or just can’t do the typical high-impact cardio classes offered at most fitness centers? Or what if you live in an apartment where working out at home may disturb your neighbors? This low-impact cardio workout avoids those problems, so you can still get a great cardio workout, without disturbing anyone – or bothering your joints. It’s also great as a recovery workout on one of your “off” days, or for those who are starting at a very low fitness level.

This 30-minute workout provides cardio, toning, and strengthening benefits for your entire body. If you want to add more of a strength-building component, just grab a pair of hand weights. Otherwise, focus on maintaining muscle tone and engagement throughout the bodyweight workout for a nice toning effect plus greater cardiovascular benefits.

This workout is done in an interval format, and it includes a quick cardio warmup as well as a cool-down and stretch at the end for a complete workout in just 30 minutes.


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