[Workout Wednesday] 30-Minute Low-Impact Cardio Class

Enjoy a quick & effective workout with this low-impact, joint-friendly cardio class…

There’s no need to pound away on the treadmill for hours to get your cardio in, when you can have a lot more fun with this fast-paced cardio class that’s a whole lot easier on the joints!

This 30-minute low-impact cardio workout will get you moving and grooving as you dance your way to fitness – no equipment required. The bodyweight-only routine includes moves like grapevines, leg lifts, V-steps, and more to sculpt and tone your muscles while improving your cardiovascular fitness.

All you need is some clothes you can move in and a little bit of space. Your neighbors won’t be annoyed with this quiet and joint-friendly workout, so you can do it wherever and whenever. Just press play below to get started!

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