[Workout Wednesday] 30-Minute Fat-Blasting Swimsuit Season Workout

This fun 30-minute cardio & toning swimsuit season workout will help get you fit and trim just in time for summer!

This complete 30-minute workout is designed with summer in mind! This fat-blasting swimsuit season workout will help you get in shape just in time to fit into your favorite swimsuit.

Each exercise targets a common “trouble zone” to help trim and tone all the areas that you like to show off in a bikini – from the booty to the hips, abs, shoulders, and more. The fast-paced workout will increase your heart rate, burn off stubborn fat, and keep you moving with fun and unique exercises that make the half hour fly by in a jiffy!

The workout includes a warmup as well as a cool down session, so you can get your whole workout done and get on with your day in just 30 minutes. Do this one regularly for the next few weeks and you’ll be in great shape and ready to hit the beach when summer rolls around!


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