[Workout Wednesday] 30-Minute Bodyweight Strength Workout with HIIT

Tone & strengthen your entire body in 30 minutes with this bodyweight strength & HIIT workout…

This 30-minute bodyweight strength workout combines short HIIT intervals with strength training exercises to challenge your entire body from head-to-toe in just half an hour! This format pairs 60 seconds of strength-building moves with 30 seconds of HIIT cardio exercise to both shape and tone your muscles and burn calories.

This is a bodyweight-only workout, so it’s perfect to do at home since you won’t need any equipment, and you’ll develop functional strength that helps improve your everyday fitness.

If you do need to modify any of the moves to suit your specific needs and abilities, just follow the modification suggestions shown in the video – or see a list of them here, along with the exercises demonstrated below.

This is a complete workout that includes a short warm-up and cool down session, so you can get your whole workout done in just 30 minutes. Press play below, and let’s get started!



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