[Workout Wednesday] 3 Total Body Fat-Burning Workouts

Tired of going to the gym? Try these 3 simple fat-burning workouts that you can do at home in just a few minutes!

Going to the gym regularly is a great way to get the exercise your body needs. Depending on which gym you’re a member of, you can find almost every exercise machine you could dream of – and many different classes offering fat-burning workouts to help you get in shape fast.  Plus, you’ll find trainers and other health professionals that can help you with your fitness journey every step of the way.

However, the simple fact is that going to a gym is not ideal for everyone.

For one thing, gym memberships can be expensive and may lock you into a long-term contract that you would have to pay a fee to get out of.

For some, the hassle of driving to and from the gym after a long day at work may not seem worth it – especially if you have small children at home that you need to spend time with.

Thankfully, a fitness membership is not the only way you can get a total body workout that burns fat and helps you achieve your health and fitness goals. There are plenty of great fat-burning workouts that you can do at home that will deliver the same results.

For example, these three simple exercises will work your entire body, build strength, and provide cardiovascular benefits – and you can do them anywhere, no equipment required!

1.) Exercise Your Upper and Lower Body With Burpees

Burpees have gained popularity in the last few years – and for good reason. Burpees provide a simple full-body fat-burning workout that strengthens your entire body all at the same time!

How to Do Them:

  • Starting from a standing position, squat low with your hands on the floor right by the side of your feet.
  • With your hands in firmly in planted in place, hop both feet into a push-up position.
  • Then quickly get back on your feet – jumping straight up as high as you can.

Here is a demonstration:

2.) Try Classic Jumping Jacks for Cardio

You probably remember jumping jacks from when you were a kid – but they are a great way for adults to get some exercise too! Jumping jacks are an excellent cardio exercise that gets your heart pumping and accelerates your body’s fat-burning potential without the need for any special equipment.

How to Do Them:

  • With your feet together and your arms on your sides, jump up – spreading your legs and raising your arms above your head with a clap.
  • From this position, jump back to the starting position.
  • For an advanced variation, try Squat Jacks, Split Jacks, or Criss-Cross Jacks.

Here’s a quick demo:

3.) Strengthen Your Arms & Upper Body With Push-Ups

Push-ups are for more than just the arms. They also target the pectoral muscles, the triceps and the rest of the upper body. This simple move is very effective in burning fat and calories, as well as building strength in the upper body.

How to Do Them:

  • Beginner Version: In a kneeling position with your hands firmly on the floor and your knees at least shoulder width apart, bend your elbows and lower your body to the ground without touching the ground or breaking the straight lined formed by your back.
  • Slowly press back up – with the effort coming from your arms, until your elbows are straight.
  • Once you are able, progress to a full push-up with your toes on the floor instead of your knees.

Here’s a demo of the full version:

These three exercises will give you a full-body workout without any gym equipment needed. Do them regularly to increase strength and muscle tone, and burn fat. There are plenty more as well, but these will give you a great start if you are looking for some quick exercises you can do at home!



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