[Workout Wednesday] 3 Fun New Upper Body Workout Ideas

Looking for a fun, non-boring way to strengthen and tone your upper body? Try these interesting upper body workout ideas!

For women, the upper body is often an area where strength can be lacking – or lifting weights just isn’t your thing. As we mentioned last week, rock climbing is a fun way to get an excellent workout – and it can be especially helpful for building upper body strength.

If you need to increase strength, and you’re tired of lifting weights, why not mix things up a bit this year with these more fun and interesting workout methods?

1.) Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is becoming increasingly popular with people looking for strong upper body workout options. The possibilities with this form of workout are seemingly endless. You can start off with a basic indoor climbing wall. These walls usually have different colored steps to give you a beginner to advanced climb. Once you have worked through these levels, then you can move to a moving wall that will give you more challenges.

2.) Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell workouts offer a vast array of options for your upper body workout. There are numerous methods to use and numerous forms to consider. The trick with kettlebell workouts is to make sure you are using the proper form and stance. If you don’t, you could risk injury. For this reason, it is best to start this type of upper body workout in a gym with a trainer. You can move away from the trainer after a bit of practice. You can also increase your upper body workout with kettlebells by increasing the weight of the kettlebell.

3.) Sandbags

Sandbag workouts are a popular option for people who prefer an outdoor workout or a workout that can be done anywhere. You can buy sandbag weights, or, at a very simple and basic level, you can use a military style duffel bag and fill it with sand. Make sure to be in a situation where you can weigh the bag to determine the right weight for you. You can add sand or reduce sand as needed. The sandbags are then used in lifting or carrying during a hike or run to help with upper body strength while working on other parts of your body at the same time.

Most of these upper body workouts are specific to certain types of gyms. You may have to look for a gym that offers these options or meetup groups that offer the chance to participate in outdoor versions of these options. The key point to keep in mind is that these workouts are just a starting point to give you more ideas on what types of upper body workouts are available to you outside of the weight room.



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