[Workout Wednesday] 25-Minute Yoga-Pilates Fusion Workout

Get fit, toned, and flexible at home with this quick yoga-Pilates fusion workout…

This 25-minute yoga-Pilates fusion workout incorporates Pilates-based toning exercises with yoga poses to help you build a stronger, leaner, more flexible body. Do this one a few times a week to see great results in both your strength and flexibility. This workout is designed as part of a 10-day challenge (see details here), but you can do it as a stand-alone workout as well.

You don’t need any equipment for this workout other than a yoga mat, so you can do it anywhere that you have a bit of floor space. Get ready to strengthen and tone your core, legs, glutes, upper body, and more as you move through this fun but challenging class.

Just grab a mat, and let’s get started!



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