[Workout Wednesday] 25-Minute Full-Body Pilates Mat Workout

Strengthen and tone your entire body with this 25-minute full-body Pilates mat workout – no equipment required!

If you enjoyed last month’s Pilates challenge workout, you’ll love this one too! This full-body Pilates mat workout focuses on the core and inner thighs, to help you build strong, lean legs and a trim tummy. Get toned with the unique strengthening and lengthening benefits of the Pilates method – no equipment required! This 25-minute workout can be done just about anywhere, and all you need is an exercise mat.

Do this Pilates mat workout whenever you want as a stand-alone class, or check out the details on this page for a 21-day challenge schedule to help you achieve great results in strength improvement and overall toning and shaping of your whole body in just 3 weeks!


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