[Workout Wednesday] 25-Minute Bodyweight Strength-Training Workout

Strengthen and tone your entire body in your own living room with this bodyweight strength-training workout…

This 25-minute bodyweight strength-training workout will help you build muscle and increase strength throughout your body – no equipment required. All you need for this workout is 25 minutes and a bit of space, so you can do it just about anywhere! (For some of the advanced versions of the exercise, you will want to have a step or some stairs handy.)

Strengthen and tone your arms, legs, abs, shoulders, and back, and be sure to work at a high intensity to get the most out of this quick workout. Follow the beginner variations shown if you need to take it a bit easy, or, for a more intense workout, try the harder variations. You want to feel like you can barely make it through the last repetition of each exercise. Only by pushing yourself will you see the positive changes to your fitness that you are looking for.

Grab some water, and get ready to work out!


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