[Workout Wednesday] 22-Minute Full-Body Toning Pilates Workout

Tone your entire body and get out of your exercise rut with this full-body toning Pilates workout!

Need a quick workout that’s a little different from your usual routine? This one is a great one to break out of a workout rut, bust through a plateau, or just mix things up a bit. This toning mat Pilates class will target spots that you often miss during your regular workout, and while some of the moves may feel pretty simple, you will definitely feel this the next day!

The workout includes weighted hip lifts, a variety of crunches and other ab exercises, kneeling leg lifts, and a full body stretch for a head-to-toe workout in just over 20 minutes. This is a full workout that includes a warmup and stretch session, and all you need for this mat Pilates workout is an exercise or yoga mat, so you can do this one wherever you are, and get on with your day!



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