[Workout Wednesday] 22-Minute Belly Fat Blasting Yoga Class

Build a strong core and stellar abs with this short but powerful belly fat blasting yoga class!

This intense at-home yoga class will get you sweating and burning as you work hard to burn off that belly fat and tone your core, obliques, and lower abdominal muscles – all in just over 20 minutes! Yoga is a great form of exercise for trimming and toning your waistline because it targets so many muscle groups at once, leading to a more balanced workout and sustained calorie burn.

You’ll start off this week’s workout with some basic planks to engage your abs, then move into a powerful Vinyasa sequence designed to tighten and strengthen your core muscles. You’ll finish up with some nice stretches to help alleviate soreness and increase flexibility throughout your body.

If you hate crunches but want fab abs, this workout is a great alternative!



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