[Workout Wednesday] 20-Minute Intense Metabolism-Boosting Workout

Burn off those extra pounds in time for summer with this intense, metabolism-boosting workout!

If you’re looking to burn fat fast and get in shape in time for summer, you’re in the right place… We’ll be sharing some targeted workouts all month long to help you look great in a swimsuit this year!

This week, we’re kicking off with a full-body metabolism-boosting workout to help you burn off those extra pounds fast. (This one will keep working for you even after your workout is over!)

You will need an exercise mat and a set of hand weights for this session, but if you don’t have weights, you can also use canned goods or water bottles or jugs – or just skip the weights if you need to. This is a fast-paced, intense workout session, so if you aren’t in great shape, be sure to follow the modifications offered in the video, and warm up thoroughly before starting the workout.

Do this quick metabolism-boosting workout 3 times per week and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see results!



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