[Workout Wednesday] 20-Minute Beginner Power Yoga Workout

Try this power yoga workout as an excellent way to strengthen and tone your entire body and burn fat – all in the comfort of your own home – no expensive gym equipment required!

As we discussed yesterday, yoga is a wonderful form of exercise to practice at home. Practicing at home allows you to center yourself and focus on your own body to gain the greatest benefits from your yoga workout. The video below is a great example of an effective yoga workout that you can do at home.

This is a beginner-to-intermediate power yoga routine, and it features some power moves designed to help boost your metabolism while you burn fat and build strength. This flowing yoga sequence is effective for all experience levels, and is designed specifically to target belly fat and stretch and strengthen your glutes.

Of course, like all yoga workouts, this session will work your entire body, and it only takes 20 minutes, you can finish your workout in a jiffy and get on with your day!

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