[Workout Wednesday] 16-Minute Pilates for Abs & Booty

Build a strong, lean core and amazing backside with this quick but super-effective Pilates workout.

Pilates can be an amazing form of exercise for strengthening and toning your entire body, with a focus on the abs and core muscles. Pilates was my go-to form of exercise for many years, and I honestly was never stronger in my life than when I was doing it on the regular basis! It really does help build long, lean, strong muscles throughout your body. I never used any equipment, but simply did the mat exercises like the ones shown in the video below.

This short but effective workout takes less than 20-minutes, so you can fit it into your busy schedule just about anytime, and it will tone and sculpt your abs, back, butt, and legs for a long, lean, and trim look.

You can do this as a quick class once in a while, or see the details on this page for a 21-day challenge schedule to help you see real results and feel incredible improvement in just 3 weeks!

Keep in mind that if you are not used to Pilates, some of these moves may be rather challenging. However, the video does include modifications for beginners, so please follow these if you need to.



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