[Workout Wednesday] 15-Minute Spring Toning Workout

Try this 15-minute toning workout a few times per week to help you get in shape in time for summer…

With swimsuit season just a couple of months away, and many New Year’s Resolutions fallen by the wayside, now is the the perfect time to recommit to toning up and getting in shape for summer!

This short but effective toning workout will help you build strength and tighten and tone your muscles for a trim, shapely physique – without spending hours at the gym.

Stay tuned later this month when we will share Part 2 – a fat-burning cardio workout for spring! Together, this 2-part workout combo provides an effective way to get in shape for summer, by spending just a few minutes a few times per week doing these fun and energetic classes.

Let’s start with this 15-minute at-home toning workout…


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