[Workout Wednesday] 15-Minute Gymnastic Abs Workout

Want great abs, but hate sit-ups? Try these creative gymnastic-inspired moves instead with an effective core-building gymnastic abs workout!

If you want stronger abs but aren’t a fan of sit-ups and crunches, this 15-minute gymnastic abs workout may be just the ticket! Follow along with Olympic gymnast Dave Durante through several ab and core exercises that you are probably not familiar with – oh, and there’s no equipment required.

These unique ab exercises will not only strengthen and tone your entire midsection, but they will also challenge your balance and core strength, and increase flexibility throughout your body. Between pikes, planks, and fun and challenging exercises like the “crab hold” and the “straddle up,” you’ll get a great workout for your core and back muscles, without any boring sit-ups or crunches!

This isn’t easy, so feel free to modify exercises as needed, and stretch between sets if you need to.

Give it a try now:



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