[Workout Wednesday] 15-Minute At-Home Beginner Cardio Class

Boost your metabolism and burn calories fast with this 15-minute at-home low-impact cardio class…

We’re back this week with another quick and effective workout to help you stay fit all summer long! This one is an at-home cardio class that will let you work out in the comfort of your own living room, according to your own schedule. It’s only 15-minutes long, and it’s suitable for all fitness levels.

The short workout includes low-impact modifications for beginners or those with joint issues, and you won’t need any equipment at all – just your own body and a readiness to move! You’ll strengthen and tone your lower body and burn off fat as you move through this quick routine.

Press play below to boost your heart rate, increase your metabolism, and burn some calories with this short and energetic at-home cardio class!


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