[Workout Wednesday] 12-Minute PMS Workout

Relieve PMS symptoms with this short & gentle workout for that time of the month…

Even though we know that exercise may help to reduce PMS and menstrual cramps, the fact is that it can be hard to get moving during that time of the month! When you’re feeling tired, bloated, and crampy, you really don’t feel much like working out. Fortunately, you can still get some exercise even while giving your body a little break.

This low-impact workout is perfect for days when you’re feeling a little under the weather or having some PMS symptoms. It’s low-intensity with no jumping or energetic moves and focuses on gentle movements and stretches that help to relieve tension in the lower back and gently massage the belly.

You won’t need any equipment for this one, so get into some comfy clothes and roll out your mat for some physical release and relief.



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