[Workout Wednesday] 11-Minute Dynamic Stretch Workout

Improve both flexibility and strength at once with this super-quick and effective bodyweight stretch workout.

What the heck is a stretch workout?

Let me explain. When you’re in a hurry, adding a 10-minute stretch session at the end of your workout just seems like too much wasted time. But stretching is incredibly important for maintaining your flexibility and helping your muscles recover properly after a workout. So what is the solution? Stretching while you work out!

This quick workout video provides dynamic strength-building exercises, combined with stretches after each move. This makes it really easy to do a super-fast workout, without skipping the all-important cool-down stretches.

This bodyweight workout requires no equipment except for an optional exercise mat, so it can be done just about anywhere, anytime, and it also includes a quick warm-up, so you can get your entire workout done and increase both your flexibility and strength in just 11 minutes!

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