[Workout Wednesday] 10-Minute Total Body Kettlebell Workout

Harness the power of kettlebells to tone your entire body from head to toe in just 10 minutes with this quick kettlebell workout.

This quick workout will work your entire body in just 10 minutes flat, providing both strength training and cardio benefits. Work your back, abs and obliques, glutes (butt), arms, shoulders, and more with this fast-paced no-nonsense kettlebell workout. Warning: It’s only 10 minutes long, but you WILL sweat!

All you need for this workout is a kettlebell of your preferred weight (start light if you are are a beginner), and you’ll be done with your daily workout before you know it!

If you have not done kettlebell swings before, you will want to check out this short how-to video first to learn how to do it right to avoid injury.

Please note that this workout does not include a warm-up, so you will want to do this on your own before you start the video, and be sure to stretch afterward.


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