[Workout Wednesday] 10-Minute On-The-Go Workout

Keep up with your fitness even when you’re traveling with this quick and effective on-the-go workout.

During the busy holiday season, it can be easy to let your fitness routine fall by the wayside. Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, or just busy with holiday parties, shopping, and guests, it is important to keep up with your health and fitness goals. Quick do-anywhere workouts like this one can help!

You can do this 10-minute on-the-go workout anywhere – at home, on the road, in a hotel, or wherever you find yourself this holiday season. This workout starts out with a gentle warmup session to stretch your muscles and get your body ready for movement. Then you will move through a series of exercises to tone your entire body. The workout is only 10 minutes long, and the exercises are interesting and varied enough for even the most easily bored!

All you need for this workout is an exercise mat, but if you don’t have one, you can also do the workout on a folded blanket or even a thick carpet.

Don’t let your holiday busyness be an excuse that keeps you from exercising! Grab your mat, and let’s get your workout done!


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