[Workout Wednesday] 10-Minute Morning Yoga for Energy

Skip the coffee & start your day with this 10-minute yoga flow for lasting energy!

Give your energy a boost that lasts all day with this quick and energizing morning yoga flow! This 10-minute yoga sequence is the perfect way to wake up and start your day off on the right foot.

It only takes 10 minutes, so you can fit it in before heading off for the day, and unlike coffee, it won’t leave you jittery or feeling depleted after a few hours. Instead, you’ll get a great full-body stretch to release any tightness in your muscles, increase blood flow, and finish feeling strong and flexible.

All you need is a yoga mat for this one, so you can set yours out the night before, then just roll right out of bed and hop on your mat to get your morning off to a great start!

Give it a try today!



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