[Workout Wednesday] 10-Minute Low-Impact Cardio Class Great for Travel

Fit in this quick low-impact cardio class to keep up with your fitness wherever your travels take you this holiday season!

Holiday travel can take a toll on our fitness routine, so it’s important to fit exercise in whenever you can! This quick 10-minute low-impact cardio class will give you a quick burst of exercise, get that blood moving, boost your heart rate, and help you shake off the low-energy sluggish feeling that can often come from long hours of travel.

It’s short and effective AND there’s no jumping around required, so you can do it anywhere – whether in the airport, a hotel room, or your mother-in-law’s house – without disturbing your family or fellow travelers! You won’t need any equipment – just put on some clothes you can move in, and press PLAY to get started…



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