[Workout Wednesday] 10-Minute Full-Body Wakeup Morning Workout

Wake up your body with this 10-minute full-body morning workout that will get you ready for the day!

This quick morning workout stretches and strengthens every muscle in your body, with a focus on your abs, glutes, legs, and shoulders. Do this short session on its own to energize and balance yourself in preparation for the day, or use it as a warmup before another workout.

You may also wish to combine this workout with the two selected videos below for a full 30-minute workout session.


Start with the video below as Class #1.

Then take a five minute water break. Then proceed with the following routine:

Class #2:
Badass Beach Bum Workout

Take another water break. Then move onto:

Class #3:
Perfect Upper Body Workout


All you need for this workout is an exercise or yoga mat, so grab your mat and let’s do it!



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