[Workout Wednesday] 10-Minute Confidence-Boosting Core Workout

Improve your posture, trim your waist, and boost your confidence with this quick and effective 10-minute core workout.

Core strength is obviously important for preventing injury during your daily activities as well as your workouts. But a strong core will also help to improve your posture as well as make you look slimmer and trimmer. For proof, check out this 10-minute confidence-boosting core workout!

It’s only 10-minutes long, and you can do it anywhere, so it’s easy to fit into your busy day. Not only does this workout work your core muscles from every angle, trimming your waist and supporting your lower back and spine, but you will also have the confidence that comes from knowing you completed your workout and did something great for your body today!

Do this workout after a cardio routine, or anytime you’re just too busy to make it to the gym.

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