[Workout Wednesday] 10-Minute At-Home Bodyweight Workout – No Equipment Required!

Do this quick bodyweight workout anytime, anywhere to stay fit during the holiday season!

Yes, we know you’re super-busy with holiday season activities, but that’s no excuse to slack off on your fitness! That’s why every Wednesday this month we’re bringing you a super-quick no-excuses workout that you can fit into your day no matter how busy you are – like this 10-minute home bodyweight workout.

This week’s class is just 10 minutes long, and requires no equipment, so you can do it anywhere, anytime! No packing up your gym bag, no sitting in traffic trying to make it to your spinning class, no hauling your weights out of the crawl space – NO EXCUSES!  Just grab a glass of water, put on some comfy clothes, then hit “Play” and get your workout DONE!

Note: The workout does include a short warmup, but you will want to make sure to stretch on your own when you’re done.


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