[Workout Wednesday] 6-Minute Love Handle Eliminator Workout

Trim and shape your waistline with this super-quick love handle eliminator workout…

We all want to look our best – especially around the holidays, when we may be seeing lots of friends and family we haven’t seen for a while, and staying in shape with all the holiday foods and beverages around to tempt us isn’t easy!

Fortunately, we’ve got some great super-quick workouts coming your way over the holiday months, so you can still fit fitness into your busy holiday schedule!

This week’s workout contains a set of exercises to hone in specifically on an area that gives a lot of us problems – our “love handles,” or “muffin top.”  This short video will help to tone and tighten the area around your midsection, providing a leaner, sleeker silhouette to show off in your holiday party dresses!

Of course, remember that you still need some cardio exercise to help burn off those extra calories, but this 6-minute core workout makes a great waist-shaping follow-up to a cardio routine.

You won’t need any equipment other than an exercise mat for this love handle eradicating routine, so you can do it just about anytime, anywhere.



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