[Video] How to Ferment Whole Vegetables

Fermented foods are a healthy source of the natural probiotics you need for a healthy gut and a healthy body. If you’ve never tried to ferment your own foods before, it’s easy! This video shares a simple, traditional recipe.

We’ve spoken before about the importance of a healthy microflora in your gut for overall good health and disease prevention, and one of the best ways to build a strong microbiome is to feed the good bacteria population with healthy probiotics.

There are many different strains of probiotics, and you can find a variety of them in supplement form. However, the best way to get your good probiotics is through naturally fermented foods – something that the modern American diet is sadly deficient in.

The good news is, it’s actually very easy to make your own fermented foods – and once you develop a taste for them, you may actually find them quite addictive!

There are many different fermentation methods and foods that you can ferment, from yogurt and kefir, to kombucha, to sauerkraut and kimchi, and even naturally fermented ciders and wines. For the best probiotic support, it is a good idea to consume a number of different fermented foods, which will provide you with a wider variety of bacterial cultures.

However, one of the most basic and simple fermentation methods is to slowly ferment whole vegetables in a fermentation crock. In this video, Jon from Grow Your Greens demonstrates how to ferment whole vegetables like this using traditional methods: