[Video] Full-Body Holiday Workout

Keep those holiday pounds from piling up with this super-quick and intense holiday workout!

We all get busy during the holidays, but unfortunately, this is also the time of year when we tend to eat lots of high-calories foods, which leads to post-holiday regret and those notorious New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight come January.

But you can keep the extra holiday pounds at bay by keeping up with your workouts during the holidays. We’re here to help with super-quick workouts all month long, so you have no excuse to skip exercising, no matter how busy you are!

This intense workout is a great example. It will challenge your entire body, plus provide a great cardiovascular workout – all in less than 10 minutes total!

Plus you’ll learn 6 exercises with fun holiday names such as “Hanukkah Hops” and “Christmas Crab Pushups” – so how bad could it be, really?  🙂

You will need a chin-up bar for one exercise, and optional hand weights and/or a medicine ball.

Watch the video below to work out with us, and think of how much happier you’ll be when January arrives and you have no extra pounds to lose!


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