[Video] Full Body Calisthenics Workout – Beginner Level

Want a workout that can transform your body in just 15 minutes a day? Try a bodyweight calisthenics workout like this one – it’s beginner-level, but it’s intense!

Calisthenics are probably the oldest form of formalized cardio exercise, and were performed by Roman soldiers to keep them in fighting shape in between war times.

They still work just as well to this day, and this week’s workout focuses on using calisthenic exercises to supercharge your fitness and tone your core muscles.

The great thing about calisthenics that they are bodyweight exercises, which require little to no equipment, so you can do them anytime and anywhere. They are also very easy to customize for intensity based on your fitness level. You can go as light or as intense as you like, and they can also be a lot of fun!

The calisthenics workout below is for beginners, but it’s not easy! You will need a pull-up bar, plus a sturdy chair or bench, and a set of parallel bars for this workout. He does include a short warmup, but you may wish to do a longer one first, and you will want to be sure to stretch afterwards.

Each exercise should be done in 3 sets of 3-10 reps, unless otherwise specified. The entire workout should take you less than 15 minutes. Do this one 3 times per week to transform your entire body!