[Video] Against the Grain: The Truth About Gluten

Wondering what all the fuss is about gluten? This eye-opening video explains the problems it causes, and what you can expect by removing it from your diet.

You’ve probably heard a lot about gluten lately, but I’ve got a quick question for you:

What is gluten, anyway?

If someone asked you that question, could you tell them what it is and exactly why it’s bad for you? If you answered no, you will definitely want to watch this video!

You may have heard that gluten is linked to celiac disease as well as numerous other digestive issues. But you might not know exactly what it does to your body, so in this interview, Dr. Peter Osborne breaks it down for us.

In this eye-opening video you’ll discover…

  • How gluten changes your body for the worse
  • The “Grain-Pain Connection” and “Grain-flammation”
  • This is your brain on grains… yikes
  • 4 easy ways to boost your brain health
  • The very weird history of the cereal you ate as a kid
  • How to make the grain-free switch

Watch the video here to learn more about how gluten impacts your health, and what you can do about it: